The Maths Door

Maths is more than just a subject in school. Maths is all around us, in everything we do. At Endeavour Academy, when you open this huge door to maths you will find never-ending and full pathways. Through this door there are endless other doors, some easier to pass through than others but all which lead to exciting opportunities and enjoyable jobs and careers ahead.

The Maths Door will provide you with challenge, excitement, problem-solving and investigating. You will be immersed into a wide range of rich mathematical resources from coloured cubes, shapes, bead strings and counters, all of which will push you forward and encourage you to work independently.

Your teachers and classmates will help you to understand, question and develop your mathematical understanding so you can be fluent with the building blocks of maths and use these to solve increasingly more complex problems over time. You will be able to solve a range of progressively challenging arithmetic calculations with ease and be able to answer times tables with speed and confidence thanks to our whole school Times Tables Rock Challenge!

 You will be surrounded by rich, specific and accurate mathematical vocabulary – all of which you will use and apply to your reasoning and explanations about your maths work. You will be able to communicate your findings with confidence and then apply these skills and knowledge to other areas of your learning.

When you begin your journey of maths here at Endeavour Academy you will enter our Early Years which is an exciting world where you will be transported into doctors, shopkeepers, space men and construction workers along with many more incredible roles. Whilst exploring these learning environments you will investigate the language of shape and number and you will have to work together collaboratively to solve problems or help to answer your questions. 

In Key Stage 1 you will also be explorers, investigators and problem-solvers. You will continue to use interesting mathematical resources to help you make connections and be able to represent mathematical ideas. You will start to see these resources as pictures and then as a new language where you will be able to use numbers and symbols to make sense of new concepts. You will start to see maths branch out into unique and exciting new strands such as using fractions to equally share and group, geometry where you will meet new shapes and be able to identify and explain them. 

This will continue as you enter into Key Stage 2, you will use this new mathematical language to solve complex calculations involving symbols and numbers, break down increasingly difficult problems into smaller steps and will be able to justify your answers with confidence. You will continue to meet new and exciting areas of maths including a whole new view on the number system with negative numbers and decimals, and what about the Romans numeral system? You’ll get to work with area and perimeter within measurement and algebra where you will use all of your knowledge to crack codes and find the answers.

Throughout school, in which ever class you arrive in, your teachers and classmates will help your maths learning to be engaging, exciting and the classroom to be buzzing. You will find that the maths you learn will support you in every other subject and everything you set out to do.

The door doesn’t just close there, this is the very start of your exciting journey ahead involving maths. You have got so many options and prospects ahead of you. It doesn’t matter which career path you take, it is guaranteed that the maths you learn throughout your school life will be integral to your success.

For example:

A dancer/choreographer – When creating your routines you will need to count in steps of 2, 3, 5 and 10 and you will need to use the language and understanding of time. Don’t forget angles, shapes and turns will also be really important to help you get the perfect dance moves.

An actor or actress – Your costumes will need to be created, altered and adjusted using measurement of length. Shapes, time, position and direction will be essential when moving around on the stage. Most importantly, you will need an audience and to gain spectators you need to sell tickets so you will need an understanding of using and handling money. 

A musician – Counting the beats, performing and keeping in time, grouping and sharing when you are in big bands or orchestras. All of these skills are essential when performing on stage to an audience or when creating a top ten hit!    

A teacher – It goes without saying that to be a teacher you will need to know all of the maths taught so you can teach and inspire children just like you!

A scientist – You will need to have a good understanding of number and calculation as you scientifically enquire. When making potions in specific quantities you will need fractions, ratio, proportion and capacity. When working with plants and animals, measuring accurately will also be an important skill.

An athlete – To be a great athlete you will need to eat well and carefully, measuring accurately will be important for this. You will need to understand time and will use multiplication and division during team games. Position and direction, angles, shapes will be fundamental in most sporting games you end up playing.

A firefighter – Quick, there is an emergency! You will need to use maths to assess the situation and make sure it is safe. You will need a good understanding of measurement for length when using the ladders and capacity when using water to put out the fire. You will also need to understand area and perimeter as you head into different buildings.

A detective – You will need to crack problems, find clues and solve the crimes. Here you will need all of your problem solving and reasoning skills to help to explain your findings and find the answers. Accurate calculations will need to be made when working at a crime scene.

An astronaut – All your maths learning will be needed when you join NASA and rocket up into space. You will need to know angles, position, direction, time and use calculations accurately to the nearest decimal numbers to ensure it is safe before you travel.

A photographer – When taking great photographs you will need to understand angles, geometry, shape and position to get the best photographs. You will use ratio and proportion when developing them and don’t forget having an understanding of measurement when framing them and money when you sell on your masterpieces.

A pilot – You will need to understand number accurately when you are in the cockpit, using all the dials and levers. As you soar into the sky you will need to understand negative numbers as the temperatures drop. You will need to understand fractions and decimals as you will need to make specific and accurate calculations before you jet off into the sky.

A vet – Uh oh, the poorly animals need you to be able to use your times tables, all your calculation skills and measurement understanding to accurately make assessments and help them get better. Some of the animals are tiny so you will need to understand fractions and decimals to deal with smaller numbers and measurements. 

A doctor – Here you have very important responsibilities, you will need to use times tables, calculations, measurements to make sure you give your patients the correct medicines. You will need to have a good understanding of number as you accurately make your doctors notes.

A chef – In the kitchen maths is essential. When making large batches of tasty food you will need to use fractions, multiplication and division to get the right quantities. You will need to be able to use and read scales when weighing out food and liquids with accuracy. You will need to be able to convert measurements with ease and understand duration of time when your food is in the oven.

An artist – Whether it is painting, drawing or creating sculptures, you will need to have a good understanding of 2D and 3D shapes when creating real life and abstract pieces of art. You will need to understand fractions and symmetry when creating portraits and landscapes pieces.