Music at Endeavour

At Endeavour Academy, music begins in the Early Years where you will enjoy daily singing, exploring instruments and time to express yourself through music and song in our carefully thought out areas of provision. You will have an opportunity to take part in Christmas carol concerts and class assemblies where we love to have a sing song!

As you progress through Key Stage 1, you will have the chance to become young composers, making simple sequences of sounds using your body or instruments. You can express your creativity through performing in music lessons, school singing assemblies and our Christmas nativity. You get to choose how you feel about a piece of music based on your own individual likes and dislikes, and begin to build essential skills such as listening out for beats and rhythms and knowing when to join in.

In Key Stage 2, you continue to build your skills through composing, performing and listening. You will have the chance to study famous composers and explore their amazing work. You will use a range of tuned instruments on a weekly basis to compose your own pieces of music, which you will learn to evaluate and make changes until it sounds just right. You will even learn to write down your notations so you can play again and again or even show others exactly how to play. 

Throughout your music experience at Endeavour, you will grow and develop your love for music, whether it be as a keen listener, a skilled composer or a confident performer. 

There are so many job opportunities available for musicians as you grow up. You could take up an exciting career in TV, film, radio, theatre and all kinds of musical events. You could bring scripts and musical scores to life, using the work of the writers to bring feeling, movement and meaning to characters. You could also become a keen instrumentalist and be in your very own band, whether you are playing the drums, guitar, saxophone or many more.