PE at Endeavour

This door is exciting! Through here you will find a labyrinth of pathways that intertwine, cross and join. You will learn skills across a wide range of activities and develop confidence along the way. These skills will lead to sequences of movements and form the building blocks for a healthy future.

Your teacher will provide a broad range of activities for you to explore and specialist coaches will deepen your understanding of your own abilities further. They will encourage you to try new skills, as well as help you identify your own strengths and weaknesses; everyone has a strength; everyone can progress.  Some skills require a lot of practise, whereas some will come more readily. Whatever your starting point, you will be guided and supported to achieve.

There are so many ways you can challenge yourself with sport. Whether you choose to join a school team to compete; advance to the next gymnastic skills award; choreograph a dance to perform; or work on progression within lessons; you will grow in confidence as you see your own success.

There is so much to learn through this door and with every new pathway you will build on your previous experiences. You will learn how to work with others as a part of a team; you will develop control and flexibility; you will use tactics; and you will develop a sense of sportsmanship that will help you encourage others.