5 November 2019

On Tuesday 5th November, LKS2 took their historical learning outside to Tatton Park Hall. While there, we all completed 5 activities. We discussed farming, made flour and even planted seeds using bones and other tools that would have been around in the Stone Age. During the tool workshop, we looked at how tools were made using flint, bone, wood and leather. We followed this with hunting and identifying how hunting worked and what animals were hunted for food. To keep animals like bears out, people in the Stone Age finally worked out how to light fire using flint which some of our teachers managed to do successfully. As people in the Stone Age were nomadic, they built temporary housing. We had a go at building a shelter using wattle and daub by weaving twigs in and out of wooden poles. We all had a great day despite the cold weather and LKS2 pupils really showed their learning from class to the impressed workshop leaders.