at Endeavour Academy



At Endeavour Academy we make sure that we offer our children a variety of after school clubs which are interesting, exciting and allow the children to broaden their experiences. All our clubs are open to both girls and boys equally.

Listed below are the range of clubs that will be taking place this next half term with a description of each club detailed beneath to help you with deciding which club or clubs to attend. Please be aware that when signing up to a club you are expected to demonstrate our school core value of ‘Commitment’ by ensuring you attend each week.  All clubs will run from 3.15pm-4.15pm and children will need collecting by an adult (please no older siblings still at school).


If you would like your child to attend one of our after-school clubs then please book on My Child At School (MCAS). Booking will open from 5:00pm on Monday 23th May.


Summer Term 2

13th June – 26th July

Key Stage 1:



After School Clubs:

Lead Adult(s):


Coding Club(20)

Miss Butler


Art (20)

Mrs Plummer and Mrs Hill


Dance (20)

Mrs Tetlow



Key Stage 2:



After School Clubs:

Lead Adult(s):


Multi-Skills Sports (20)

Miss Tetlow


Football (20)


Science (20)

Ms Gibson


Miss Griffin and Miss Kennedy


History Detectives (20)

Mr Johnson



Coding Club

This club is an opportunity for children to explore technology in a range of exciting ways! From programming Beebots around obstacle courses to creating their own games using code, the fun never stops. We will be using software the children are familiar with as well as introducing new apps to create a varied and stimulating learning environment.

(Mondays for children in KS1)

Science club

If you are interested in science, then this is the club for you.  Each week you will get the opportunity to solve scientific problems through practical investigation. The activities will focus on thinking about, talking about, and doing science inspiring you to think and behave like scientists. There will be lots of opportunities for you to work scientifically as you set up enquiries to try and find your own answers to the questions that have been asked. This hands-on club will help you develop your skills in decision making, resilience, problem solving, cooperation, communication and more!

(Tuesdays for children in KS2)

Dance club

This will be a fun and active club as part of our commitment to promoting active lifestyles. From balancing on your toes to raising your arms, dance uses the entire body and all of its muscle groups so through this club you will be able to improve your flexibility, coordination, balance, range of motion, stamina, muscle tone, strength and posture. In this club you will be learning lots of dance moves and have opportunities to create a variety of different performances to a range of songs, both in groups and solo enabling you to develop your self-confidence and interpersonal skills (not to mention your memory with remembering all the moves!). Dancing is a great form of exercise, and a love of dance from an early age can help motivate children to stay active as they grow into adults.

(Thursdays for children in KS1)

Football club

This club is offered as part of our commitment to promoting healthy and active lifestyles for our children. Each week you will be learning, improving and applying essential football skills including dribbling, kicking, attacking and defending alongside developing key life skills such as social skills, discipline, respect, personal control, organisation and leadership.

(Tuesdays for children in KS2)

Multi-Skills Sports club

This club will offer various sports for you to take part in. Multi-Skills is a great way to keep fit and healthy! As well as learning fundamental skills (throwing, catching, running, jumping) you will also be improving your hand-eye coordination, flexibility, reaction time & stamina. Additionally,  Multi-Skills club will help build your confidence and develop your problem-solving, teamwork and decision-making skills.

(Mondays for children in KS2)

Art Club

Do you enjoy drawing and painting or crafting and generally being creative?  Then art club is for you.  Each week you will experience using a wide range of art materials and learn new techniques.  From watercolours to pastels and mixed media, you will be inspired to develop your creativity, stimulate your mind and create your own masterpieces to take home.

(Tuesdays for children in KS1)

History Detectives

History club is a fun way to share your interest in history with other like minded individuals. Each week you will have a different opportunity to learn through a range of hands on activities how to think like a historian and learn what it means to be a history detective. Activities will include excavating at an archaeological dig, piecing together clues to determine what unusual artefacts were used for and exploring the more disgusting side of history in determining when people lived from their poo (not real ones obviously!!)

(Thursdays for children in KS2)